Planetary Defense Force


Incorporating elements of improv comedy, game shows, and science fiction epics, the Planetary Defense Force is a live video game where volunteer Players from the audience determine the fate of the characters. Each week, a new Player undertakes a Mission of utmost importance to the galaxy. To complete their Mission, they will have to succeed in challenges - games of skill, duels, dance-offs, sing-offs, trivia, dodgeball, laser-gun-fighting and more – all culiminating in a one-on-one face-off against one of the galaxy’s most horrible villains. Whether they succeed or fail, the outcome of each Mission determines what happens the following week, as each Player’s actions contribute to the ongoing story of WAR in the STARS. Tickets are $5 at the door. Recommended by the Chicago Reader and Time Out Chicago Chicago Reader Member’s Pick, August 2012 “If your Nintendo Wii/Microsoft Kinect/Playstation Move is failing you in the immersion department or if your Choose Your Own Adventure book suddenly seems constricting, this video-game—inspired show should get you back in the game.” – Christopher James Palafox, Time Out Chicago