Rattlesnake High School


Rattlesnake High School formed in Chicago in 2003. Known for their committed groupwork, offbeat sensibility, and unique physicality, the group performed for five years as a house team at the iO Theatre. They continue to perform in various incarnations, hang out, read books, listen to music, and take road trips together. They are thrilled to debut their signature form “Casual Sets” at The Playground.

Born out of relationship based scenes, Casual Sets is more about tone than structure. The slow and easy piano intro to Billy Joel’s The Stranger, a bottle of wine, a pair of bifocals, a cup of joe at the diner counter, the wisdom of experience and a wine smeared softer version of what once could have been. Seamless. Casual.

Rattlesnake High School is: Bill Boehler, Jon Forsythe, Katy Fullan, Carrie Grace, Rex Graff, Terry Horan, Ben Johnson, and Mark Piebenga.