Mustang Repair


Mustang Repair has been together as an ensemble since 2000 performing in garages and stages across Chicago. The group formed from a core of Second City Training Center Graduates and has had the pedal to the metal ever since. Mustang Repair performed on a regular basis as a guest ensemble at the Playground for over a year and was accepted as a Member team in December 2002. The individual cast members of Mustang Repair have performed across the city in venues such as The Improv Olympic, Frankie J's, Second City, Tavern 33 and most recently The Town Hall Pub. For season five, the ensemble aims to have fun with each other, have a birthday every show and share their love of robots. We also use the name Carl a lot. Mustang Repair has produced successful independent shows, performs regularly at the Playground and continues to evolve, creating new and exciting styles of long form improvisation. Mustang Repair is: Matt Barbera, Mike Dwyer, Jerry Johnson, Lisa Linke, Justin Jackson, Jorin Garguilo, Dave Pettiti and Kara Moore.

Upcoming Performances

  • Friday September 19, 8:00 p.m.